Gold Coast Industry 4.0 Business & Investment Project

Commissioned in early 2020 prior to COVID-19, the Gold Coast Industry 4.0 Business and Investment Project has highlighted significant Industry 4.0 capability on the Gold Coast across a number of sectors including advanced manufacturing, health and medical technology, space and aerospace, textiles, additive manufacturing, food technology, sport and film.

In many cases this capability is developing in clusters where organisations are located within proximity to each other and are using similar advanced technologies in similar industries. It has also highlighted that different sectors are leveraging off advances made in one sector for the benefit of another.

Gold Coast Industry 4.0 businesses are committed to adopting new advanced technologies to increase productivity and there are growing connections between universities and industry to leverage Industry 4.0 capability.

Whilst the adoption of advanced technology was already well under way, COVID-19 has fast tracked its adoption and in turn, accelerated the need for a workforce with skill sets aligned with Industry 4.0. This has been demonstrated at a local and national scale.

COVID-19 has also led to an increased expectation of sovereign capability and supply chain independence and subsequently to an increased push to build maturity in the manufacturing sector.

Industry 4.0 adoption is critical to drive competitiveness and productivity. COVID-19 has catalysed this requirement and the opportunity exists to ensure that there is an appropriately trained workforce to meet these requirements, enable Industry to adopt best practice advanced technology adoption and build digital and physical supply chain connections.

Industry 4.0 presents generational opportunity to drive productivity, reduce repetitive and unsafe tasks in workplaces, build global digital supply chain networks and catalyse workforce transition.

Industry 4.0 is being used to drive the following outcomes:

  • Maintaining competitiveness in a global marketplace
  • Improving business productivity
  • Accessing new markets (i.e. domestic and international)
  • Creating new markets for business and by business (e.g. 3D printing)
  • New product and service development and delivery
  • Improving business communication channels (e.g. face to face and virtual)
  • Accessing supply chain capability (e.g. business operations, logistical partnerships, research and development partnerships)
PWR Advanced Cooling Technology, Ormeau
Mexx Engineering, Arundel
PWR Advanced Cooling Technology, Ormeau

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Gold Coast Industry 4.0 Business & Investment Project
Gold Coast Industry 4.0 Business & Investment Report
Gold Coast Industry 4.0 Business & Investment Profile
Gold Coast Industry 4.0 Business & Investment Profile
Executive Summary
Executive Summary

The Gold Coast Industry 4.0 Business and Investment Project was prepared by:

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Engineering next generation biomedical and industrial applications is at the forefront of Industry 4.0.

Griffith University’s flagship facility, Advanced Design and Prototyping Technologies Institute (ADaPT) will be built on a prime Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct site.